About us

Innovation Challenges are known as the competition trying to find a technological response to certain problems in the specific time period. InnoTEN as one of the applications of Iran Nanotechnology Innovation Council is responsible for implementing the innovation challenges. InnoTEN identifies the demands of industrial companies through its brokers and after various assessments, if an available the answer is not identified, it publishes a call and holds a competition.

Process of challenges implementation

Defining the challenge problem based on existing industrial demand

Announcement through websites and news agencies, ‌ social networks, email and SMS newsletters and poster printing

Proposal registration through the online system


Problem Definition




Proposal Registration


Proposal Assessment


Sample Production


Sample Assessment

Evaluation of projects during the two stages of initial evaluation and face-to-face judging

Assessment of designs according to the presented test design, evaluation of sample production in the presence of representatives of the nanoscale unit

Strategic guidance to achieve the prototype